The Travelling Tooth Fairy is Visiting Cherubs!

Hey Parents and Guardians,

The Travelling Tooth Fairy is coming to Cherubs Preschool on Tuesday the 14th of March!

We are a family owned mobile dental service that offers children free dental checks and cleans for eligible families at the comfort of your child care centre. If you are not eligible for the service it costs $60, you may be able to claim this back on private health.

Our aim is to make it easy, simple and fun to help look after your child’s dental health by bringing the dentist to them. This is important as soon as they start getting baby teeth as well as identifying other dental problems that may arise due to habits such as thumb sucking and dummy use so that these can be treated early. If you would like to save time by having your child’s teeth checked and cleaned in a familiar environment please fill in a consent form ASAP, these have been left at reception at your child’s centre. If you would prefer you can also fill the form online via this link:

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your helpful child educators at Cherubs Preschool or you can contact us directly at [email protected] or on 0426 211 667

Travelling Tooth Fairy Team.