Jessica and Shane Vanderlight


Hi Lisa and Ladies,

We wanted to thank you for helping Elka make such a positive transition to the centre since starting at the end of January.

Elka was born in Sydney in September 2020, and consequently spent half of her life in lockdown before moving to the Tweed Region at 15 months old. I think in some ways this explains why she wants a cuddle on arrival each morning!

We have noticed several differences in Elka over the past 2 months. She is talking so much and listening to instructions so well. She has been a delight, especially when spending time one on one with Mum and Dad. Even Elka’s Grandma and Grandpa have noticed how loving and independent Elka has become.

Everyday when I pick Elka up, she tells me with delight “Mum, I played with my friends”.

You guys have certainly added beautiful stability to Elka’s life and our family routine so thank you for all you do.