Mid-year School Holiday Ideas For Your Older Groms!

While Cherubs continues to welcome our littlest ones with open arms and regular hours, we haven’t forgotten about the holiday excitement for your older children! If you’re hunting for ways to keep them engaged and entertained during the school break, look no further.

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Here’s our freshly updated list of the top 10 holiday activities, perfect for adding a bit of adventure and learning to their days.

Embark on a remarkable adventure along the Murwillumbah Rail Trail, a scenic pathway through stunning natural landscapes. Discover the hidden treasure of Murwillumbah amidst the beauty of the Australian countryside!
  1. Picnic at Jack Evans Boat Harbour
    Why not start the holidays with a family picnic at Jack Evans Boat Harbour? It’s the ideal spot for a relaxed afternoon, complete with play areas for the kids and stunning scenery for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Animal Encounters at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
    A short drive will get you to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where your children can get up close with native Australian wildlife. It’s an educational and thrilling experience that teaches the importance of conservation.
  3. Art Classes at Tweed Regional Gallery
    Fuel your child’s creativity with holiday art classes at Tweed Regional Gallery. These workshops offer a great opportunity for young artists to explore various art forms and express their creativity.
  4. Library Fun at Tweed Heads Library
    The Tweed Heads Library hosts special holiday reading sessions and activities that are perfect for maintaining reading skills and diving into new adventures.
  5. Day at the Beach
    From Bilinga to Black Rock, pick any stretch of sand and make it a beach day to remember. Build sandcastles, catch waves, or just soak up the sun. Remember to swim between the flags for safety!
  6. Explore Nature at Minjungbal Aboriginal Cultural Centre
    Visit the Minjungbal Aboriginal Cultural Centre for a guided tour that offers insights into the local Indigenous culture. The walking tracks and stories are a great way to connect with nature and heritage.
  7. Indoor Rock Climbing at Tweed Heads
    On less sunny days, indoor rock climbing in Tweed Heads offers a fun challenge that helps build both physical strength and confidence.
  8. The Murwillumbah Rail Trail
    Explore the scenic beauty of the Murwillumbah Rail Trail on foot or by bike. This picturesque route offers stunning views and a peaceful way to enjoy the local landscape. Perfect for a family outing!
  9. Visit Tropical Fruit World
    Explore Tropical Fruit World where kids can learn about tropical agriculture, tour the farm, and taste exotic fruits. It’s both sweet and educational!
  10. Craft Day at Home
    Organize a craft day with simple materials like paper, markers, and glue. It’s an affordable way to encourage creativity and can be a peaceful break from the outdoor adventures.

We hope these ideas bring a smile to your family and add some memorable moments to the school holidays. Remember to check availability and book in advance where necessary. Here’s to a fun-filled holiday!